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Originally Posted by Breeder View Post
Will do then for those two.

Would you mind if I stole your idea and put another action "Move closest tempo marker to edit cursor" ?
Because it seems really cool and that way it can be available to anybody.
Feel free. In fact, it's more of a trade actually. I was having a hard time dealing with some of the peculiarities of project markers in Reaper. I took a peek at the SWS source code and found this in one of your actions

if ((mPos != prevMPos)||(mPos == prevMPos && prevRegion == 1) || (previous == 0))
which I changed to this
if ((current_marker[4] != previous_marker[4]) or \
   ((current_marker[4] == previous_marker[4]) and previous_marker[3] == 1)) or \
   (previous_marker[0] == 0)) :
Solved my problem. I guess I owe the code base something in return.
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