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Default Select and delete item while overdub recording

Hi! I'm in the process to build a mostly mouseless setup for recording midi with my keyboard while controlling Reaper with my midi controller, Beatstep.

I can now switch to any of 8 tracks by a press of a pad, these tracks get armed, I can record. But if I don't like the newly recorded midi item I'd like to delete it instantly with a press of a button and start from scratch. I don't like to have different takes and select afterwards, I just want to have one take, keep it or delete it.

I found "Item: remove item", but this does only work if the item is selected previously. In "Item navigation: ..." I did not find anything what just selects my item in my track so that I could delete it.

I hope I could explain, what I want. Do you have an idea how I could select and delete the always overdubbed midi item?
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