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Default Rendering tracks randomly adds delay

I am encountering a strange issue when rendering stems from tracks.

Please check the attached screenshots. They have ben made in the same project.

SSD System Disk

Project details:
96kHz Sample Rate
Snap To project sample rate is ON


1. Create a click track (Track 1) at least 3 minutes long
2. Create a second track with (Track 2)
---JS: Audio To MIDI Drum Trigger
---ReaSamplomatic5000 with any drum sample
3. Create a send from the click track to the second track (Send from Track 1 to Track 2)
4. Use Dynamic Split on the click track with following options ticked:
---Set new item timebase to beats
---Set snap offset to peak value within first [30]ms
5. Render Track 2 (the one with SamplOmatic5000)
6. Put the newly generated track and the click track intro a parent folder
7. Zoom in to see samples
8. Align the very first beat of the generated stem track with it's first sample that is not 0, to be exactly on the grid using the shadow on the parent track by ALT+LeftDrag (Move item contents ignoring snap)
9. Navigate through each drum hit and check to see if the alignment is the same with the click track

I have also tried the same steps without splitting the items at all. The results were the same

Sometimes extra samples of delay is added to the generated track randomly throughout the newly generated item

There should be no randomly added samples of delay when rendering a stem.
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