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Default What you can try when Reaper crashes on project load (Mac OS Big Sur)

It seems like several plugins do not properly work on Mac BigSur.
Sometimes Reaper completely crashes when loading a project that worked fine before.

I think the problem is not Reaper but plugins that just do not support Big Sur OS properly.
(hint for the developers: You could implement a checking routine like Logic Pro has to ensure all plugins are supported by Reaper).

Anyway, I found one trick to load projects successfully even when they use to crash on regular load.

1. Open Reaper (without loading a project)
2. Load the project that is crashing and check the Reaper start window while each plugin is loaded. Note the last plugin loaded before Reaper crashes (this can be tricky but you just have to be quick ;-)
3. Open Reaper again
4. Insert the buggy plugin to a new track on an empty project (typically when freshly loaded this plugin does not cause any issues)
5. Create a new second project tab (File > New project tab)
6. Now open your former project again and - wonder - it will hopefully load successfully
7. I did not find any further issues and was able to continue with several projects this way

If you are not successful with step 2 (sometimes its tricky to find the buggy plugin or it might be more than one) you can try something else:
Open the project with recovery mode (Option "Open with FX offline" in the open window)
Then delete any suspicious track and store the project to a new file. If this new project loads successfully you know that the buggy plugins are in one of the deleted tracks. You then can open any suspicious plugin like mentioned in step 4 and then your former project will load successfully. - This method can be time-consuming but I had good results with just loading the first 10 tracks, then 20, then 30...
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