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Hi everybody!

Yes, I am one of those Steini-frustrated Houston-users, too.
Last week, while searching for some Help/ Documentation for the Houston, I read about you guys here and what you began to do...

This is just great!

I've read about Reaper before in the Cubase-Forum, quite a while ago now.
But I never seriously considered to give it a chance...
After I read this thread here, I downloaded this little piece of software and gave it a try.
I was really so blown away about what a few Megabytes actually are able to do!
So cool!

I can only encourage you guys, not to give up to somehow integrate the Houston into Reaper.
In Cubase, I'm actually quite happy with it's functionality now, although they never really finished Houston's implementation into Cubendo.

And I'm really not happy with steinberg's update-politics and never-ending-bug-stories... and total unawareness of their customers needs.
If there is a chance to give Houston its full capabilities - what Steinberg never did - then I defenitely would switch over to Reaper! As fast as possible!

Unfortunately I'm also not a programmer, just a guitarist and sorry.

I wrote you, not just to bring up this thread again, but also to hopefully encourage some of the Reaper-programmers, too.
I think there are many of those Houston-owners who actually like their remote, tired of being ignored by Steinberg and looking for a new alternative to work with.

In desperate hope ;o)
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