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Originally Posted by Deric View Post
If only it were that easy (for the 01X, at least) - YAMAHA do not include any of this information and, despite repeated requests, have so far completely unwilling to even just supply the screen addressing info for the unit - let alone how each of the controls are mapped... For sure some manufacturers are MUCH more helpful than YAMAHA and print this stuff in their manuals etc, or provide it on request...To date YAMAHA and MACKIE have been errr... less than helpful...
"We don't want to give you that information because although we almost certainly won't ever write an app that makes use of it later - hey, maybe pigs will fly and we will write one - and if there's a tenth of a percent chance we could lose revenue to your then-competing app if we do, the accounting department will make my manager mount my **** on a plaque ..."?
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