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Originally Posted by svijayrathinam View Post
The direct speakers and object plugins doesn’t get added automatically into the scene plugin. Everytime I add an object or a direct speaker plugin Iam manually adding them to the scene.
This is a known workflow, they also mention that little nuisance in their videos too.

Originally Posted by svijayrathinam View Post
Also when creating a project with ADM file or exploding an ADM file it doesn’t create the scene and monitor tracks automatically.
Also a stereo Object plugin will be very useful.
Also ability to add object plugins and direct speakers plugins as take FX will be very very useful.
Those are good ideas, you should post that on their website, the project is not under Reaper or Cockos developers.

Their website is here:

They have a contact mail link for feature and bug reports on the bottom.

They also have a place on GitHub:
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