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Default EAR production suite

Thanks to matnoir for pointing me to the EAR production suite.

Originally Posted by matnoir View Post
The BBC along with the EBU have also released the equivalent, developed specifically with and for Reaper :

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Since I didn't want to derail the Dolby Atmos topic too much, I thought it best to start a new thread.

What I find really hard to wrap my head around is how to incorporate third party vst plugins like a 7.1.2 reverb. I could create a 7.1.2 bed mix, which I can send to the EAR scene as a 7.1.2 direct input. But what if I want to have a reverb for objects?
Same with a limiter. How do I make sure my final mix is in spec? Does the renderer take plugins after the monitoring VSTs into account?
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