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Originally Posted by TumbleAndYaw View Post
Wonderful ! Thanks so much for having a crack at this. Will start playing with it asap.

Can the yaw and pitch (horizontal and vertical rotation ie. x and y controls in this case) be linked to parameters in a VST/JS audio plugin?

Ideally you'd want to rotate the 360 video and the soundfield will counter-rotate, which creates the impression that sound sources stay in place when you visually rotate.
It used to be that this was not possible but it seems that now parameters of the video processor can be modulated and linked to other effects in the fx chain of the same track. One little catch is that both of the panners I linked to (ATK and blueripple Look) output their link in radians instead so it takes some fiddling to get things working right (scaling by 36000 and offsetting the parameter link).

This is working and I hope to post a little gif tomorrow to demonstrate it.

*edit- I see that RobinGShore has a gif demonstration using midi CC to do basically the same thing.
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