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Originally Posted by plush2 View Post
It's an exciting time to be involved in spatial audio.
Absolutely! Couldn't agree more!
Originally Posted by plush2 View Post
I only own the harpex upsampler (which is a little different than harpex b although based on the exact same technology) but I use the free package as well which comes with some very useful tools. My experience with the licensing has been, license it once and don't think about it ever again. I have had absolutely no issues with it. If I were to buy another of his toolsets it would be the Rupture3d advanced. As you said, they are expensive but if you need what they do (decode to auro 3d and such for example) then they are absolutely worth it.
Yeah. Rapture 3D has my attention particularly because it includes a plugin for decoding to custom speaker setups. I have seven Auratones and four more smaller speakers that I'm planning to incorporate in a setup compatible with regular 7.1 monitoring and also have Ambisonics with height decoding using the extra four speakers. I'm not totally sure how I'm going to do the Ambisonic part just yet though. I'm debating whether to maintain a 5.1 setup for regular surround and have six speakers dedicated to height information (two Auratones and the four others) or to go with a 7.1 regular surround setup. That would limit the height decoding for Ambisonics though.
I'm strongly leaning towards a 5.1 surround setup with the extra two Auratones as left front up and right front up and use the four others as left rear up, right rear up, left lower side and right lower side.

I also need to set up more D/A on my Fireface UFX for the additional speakers too. I have 17 channels of amplification (13 channels of Yamaha amps and another smaller four channel amp) so there's plenty of room for future expansion there.
Originally Posted by plush2 View Post
I agree that it's possible to overdo the envelopment on Harpex but I love the resolution it adds.
I'm with you on the extra resolution but only in some situations. I've found the image tends to drift sometimes even when playing back the same audio multiple times. Things get positioned differently. Perhaps I need to experiment more but my demo of the Harpex B plugin has expired. I'd need to experiment with the free player but it is somewhat more limited and fiddly.
I have to say, the Harpex B demo has left me less than convinced at this point. It is good but the imaging issues bug me.
Originally Posted by plush2 View Post
Do let us know how the whole Ossic thing turns out. If it's good I will likely follow you in that purchase.
I will most certainly be posting about them when they arrive. They're not due here until January 2017 though and that seems like AGES when something so potentially exciting is the subject!!
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