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Originally Posted by RobinGShore View Post
Sorry to derail this even more, but what platforms are you guys mixing for that can decode a TOA mix? So far most of the VR content I've worked on has been bound for youtube, which only supports FOA. I'm sure TOA would be a nice step up, but I can't see a good reason to start working in it if the final delivery mechanism can't actually use it.
You can work in TOA with all its' advantages and once you're done, just use the 1st 4 channels (which will be your 1st order B-format) for your YouTube render. Once the tech is more readily available (which is currently only mostly through custom playback apps) you can replace your foa mix with your toa mix. Currently the only readily available solution is the free Jump Inspector app for Android, which will play back 3rd order ACN/SN3D.
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