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Originally Posted by TumbleAndYaw View Post
I'd be curious about your thoughts re. the upsampler plugin, which is next on my shopping list. Does it make a difference to your Tetramic recordings when you upsample them to 3rd order and then render them to FOA (I'm assuming..) as opposed to just mixing in the the 1st order Tetramic B-format into the TOA stream?

Hope we get this 360 video playback feature soonish..:-)
The Harpex upsampler mainly makes a huge difference when upsampling and monitoring in TOA. The difference it makes to a tetramic recording in that case is quite noticeable. Going back to FOA afterwards it's less noticeable although if you turn envelopment to it's lower settings you can get some interesting advantages in the way of cleaning up the immediate signals (closest to the mic).
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