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Originally Posted by Glennbo View Post
Sounds like your method of keeping things isolated from each other is a good way to go! I had problems right off the bat making an override for a Windows newsreader that caused other things to not function properly, and it took a good minute to pinpoint that it was that change that messed everything else up.
That's a perfect reason to use a wine prefix. Install your screen reader into a new wine prefix, and then create a small shell script to start it. I've added ~/bin for my scripts and "export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/bin" to "~/.bashrc".

Something like this to start the app:

$ cat ~/bin/rpw
export WINEDEBUG=-all
export WINEPREFIX=~/reaper-windows
wine ~/reaper-windows/drive_c/Program\ Files/REAPER\ \(x64\)/reaper.exe
Don't forget to make it executable with "chmod 755 ~/bin/rpw".

I've decided to blow off ever trying to get Waves plugins to run in Linux for several reasons. One was the frustration level of their copy protection, but for two I would have to run their plugins in Wine, and then bridge them with LinVST, which can't be as efficient as a native 64 bit Linux plugin. Thirdly, I moved to Linux to get away from all the nastiness of Windows, and running stuff in Wine just delays that total separation, so I spent $30 and bought OverTone's Vintage Plugin Bundle, which I am really liking.

Since it failed on so many different approaches, it got me thinking real clearly about my desire to get free of Windows. From now on I plan to use more and more native Linux plugins and hopefully phase ALL Windows plugins out. I have fewer and fewer Windows apps running in Wine as I find native replacements for them, and now I have decided to do the same with VST plugins, but with a vengeance!
Probably a good decision u-he's plugins though in eternal beta are also very useful.

Waves seems an exercise in futility at times, in the past I've resorted to complete windows reinstalls just to get it working again. Reading posts I see that nothing much seems to have happened in that respect

Still I have it installed in windows on my laptop, and I really like maxxbass, and vocal rider, many of the other plugins are also easy to use tools that yield the desired effect quickly.

But I can live without it... I just enjoy the hacking and the outrageous idea of running windows plugins in reaper for linux! After all we are talking about running plugins from another OS inside of an application..!

At the moment running linux plugins is a lot more efficient and less likely to xrun. I tend to enjoy windows plugs for mixing at large latency and don't really even try to run a full mix of them at low latency to overdub through fx..
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