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Default Screw Waves!!!

Well, I tried a few more things including booting up into Windows and creating an offline installer for H-Comp. Then upon trying it in Linux I still got the same error at which point I threw in the towel, and removed ALL traces of anything to do with Waves from my Wine prefix.

Then I promptly proceeded to and bought their Vintage Plugins Bundle for $30, which got me a nice and NATIVE LINUX 64 BIT Fairchild compressor emulation, plus a couple of Pultec EQs.

I moved to Linux to get away from Windows, so this is ultimately a better solution because there are no bridges needed, and no Wine required, so the performance should be much better. I had been trying out the demos of all the plugins from OverTone, and really liked the FC70 and the Pultec EQ, so Waves with their offensive copy protection scheme, helped me decide to send my money to OverTone!

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