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The main tricks are robocopy, some reg entries and a usb stick.

Whether some distros (and or their wine binaries) are better than others for Waves Central I don't know.

I've had Waves Central working with Debian 9 and Ubuntu 17.10.


Wine has missing bits (that are in Windows) that Waves Central requires, robocopy and some reg entries and some overrides.

The way to test if robocopy is working is to add the mfc42u.dll and mfc42.dll 32 bit overrides in /windows/syswow64 and then run "wine robocopy" from a terminal and look at the terminal output to see if it ran ok.

The reg entries need to be added so that Waves Central knows about some paths.

wine regedit

Add the following environment string variables under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Environment (New String Value)

COMMONPROGRAMFILES(X86) C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files

PROGRAMFILES(X86) C:\Program Files (x86)

PUBLIC C:\users\Public

Put a usb stick in and run winecfg and have a look at the drives tab and see if the usb shows up as a windows drive letter.

Waves Central seems to need a usb stick before it will activate licences and the usb stick has to be working with Wine and maybe not all distros are the same when it comes to Wine and usb.

Make sure the usb stick is working with Wine and insert the usb stick before starting Waves Central.
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