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Originally Posted by cerendir View Post
3. The Antress Fairchild clone makes absolutely no sense to me. I'm not good with compressors to begin with, and presented with a set of unorthodox parameters like that, I'm mostly just scratching my head and twisting knobs at random. Anyone have any tips on how to use it properly?
Well I don't know about using it properly But I've found the fairchild clones work very good on drums. I use the T-racks 670 which is different to the Firechainer, ( the firechainer doesn't seem to have the Lat/Vert setting )
but it does sound very similar as i just tried an A/B comparison and was very surprised at the similarities between them.

I mainly use it ( the TR 670 ) for doing parrallel compression on drums, it seems to have the effect of making the drums sound wider, and generally just a bigger sound, but still mannages to get a focused punch to the Kick & snare, if that makes sense ?
The firechainer seems to get a very similar result.

Try it for yourself, Set the FC to comp, the time constant to 3 and just play with the threshold & inputgain till is sounds good ( i usually hit the comp pretty hard for parrallel compression ) then blend it in with the rest of the drums, and feel the smile on your face

Sorry i couldn't give a more technical explanation but i just don't have one to give


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