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For bouncing back into the computer I just do it by aligning the original with the copy as best I can. I use a tascam 122 mkiii and that thing is precise. I have heard of people having problems with alignment with cheaper tape decks but you can fix that I think with reaper time audio quantizer or maybe use ableton. Someone mentioned something about the source material not sounding like cassette. This is true it sounded like 30ips reel to reel on every track and then bounced to reel to reel during mixdown. It was mastered and bounced to tape again - a master cassette or another reel to reel. This is why every stem has to be bounced to tape to emulate that. Digital is a step clearer than reel to reel so you can afford to degrade the sound a little more and there shouldn't be much of a difference. Also the width of the tape is so thin and going so slow you really need to devote one sound each to a track. Here is an example on gearslutz.

As you will hear the tape just smooths out the brittleness of digital. You just can't get plugins to sound like that. Or you might get it to sound like it but you won't be able to get it to feel like it. I'll might show some personal examples when I get access to my old hard drive or I will make a new example with a song that was made on this board that I am in the process of mixing.
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