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1. Most if not all emulations of vintage analog synths feature built-in delay effects. Is this something that was commonly present in the hardware or has it been tacked on to make the virtual synths sound more spacious and impressive?
I have owned several vintage synths and keyboards back in the days and NONE of them had any onboard delays or reverbs. Early stuff had no real effects at all, my Teisco 110F had an EQ which I found pretty special at the time. After that came the event of onboard chorus and flangers. I had a Siel Orchestra II that had a wonderfull flanger, I still have to find a plugin that can do that specific sound.

Onboard delays and reverbs came around late eighties I think (with the big workstation synths). Next to NubiLE for organ sounds and something for a fender rhodes emu just use the stuff that is in the Elektrostudio package and you have the right sounding synths and keyboards right there.

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I believe technogremlin is right, this *is* turning into a science project. But that's part of the fun IMO.
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