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all i can recount is my own experiences.
i'm sure many will disagree with me..but..
here goes. lol.
what ive found is useing "todays modern gear" that is so low noise,
with every manufacturer trying to outdo the other spec wise ,
that its darn difficult cos even the cheap mic pre's n ADA
these days is so clean.
really really listen to those old records of the 60's n 70's.
(youll hear often mic pre distortion on the vocs for example..
which AE's tried to eq around.)
part of it i would argue is the recording gear used at the time,
as well as often superb AE's who knew how to get round problems.
and use outboard to "mask" imperfections.
an example..n ive done this many times for fun.
cos i enjoy doin vocs , last week i was curious if i could get the vibe
of a old vocal. tried one of my diy mic pre's..nope..too dam clean.
so i turned to a crusty mic pre in a cassette dek.
got closer. just used a 57.
in summary its darn difficult cos gear today is different.
i bet even if the original players of a classic hit were re recorded
today with their original instruments , it wouldnt sound the same cos of modern gear used. heck i can remember seeing live in the 70's classic hit artists n the songs didnt sound the same live as in the studio.
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