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You should bounce all the stems to a cassette deck and mix that. The analogue tape sound from yesteryear is the low-fi cassette sound because that is what we heard at the consumer level. In the old days you would have to have the absolute best equipment during the entire production chain because every thing you did added distortion to the signal. The lower grade of analogue that tape decks produce can be fixed with digital plugins because it doesn't degrade the sound any further. And using digital plugins after you bounced to tape still sounds like analogue. Once you sprinkle magic fairy dust(iron oxide) on the sound its analogue forever. Changing the record levels and bias will give you different kinds of compression, saturation, distortion, low end boost and high frequency roll off. And you get wow and flutter which is a very underrated feature that contributes to the magic of tape. In this way you are using the tape deck as an effects box. It changes the way you mix ITB.
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