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I like Antress SeventhSign as vintage style vocal comp. Compared to something like Density Mk.II it is more "lo-fi" in a good way. It is worth a try. Also his older Fairchild comp is sometimes useful for drums and bass. I usually use LostAngel for DI bass and then some other comp like TLs-3127 after it.

For delays I use free TAL delays and GSi's WatKat and also his Space Echo emulation (which isn't free).

Convolution verbs will give you good results, as long as you got right impulses. That free Bricasti pack has good plates and especially great chamber called "old chamber" that is instant vintage. Also rooms are nice. I also have some spring verb impulses that work surprisingly well (with bojojoing and all).

But if you have Nebula then I urge you to buy Nextaz EMT140 plate programs. They are cheap and they sound stellar. It has that old organic plate sound. There are also some good free spring verbs for Nebula.
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