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Originally Posted by bywaterandblood View Post
Reaticulate is pretty awesome even as it is but Tack has said he has very limited time lately.
Not to give the impression I'm not working on it: I am actually actively developing it, spending several hours per week. It's just that it demands more than that.

Originally Posted by bywaterandblood View Post
Can the few people working on their own articulation solutions rally together to make this happen? Or would that just be too many cooks in the kitchen?
There will definitely be the problem of too many cooks, plus the problem of different culinary expectations.

I'm also not so sure how many people are working on solutions in this space. When native articulation maps resurfaces here I'll certainly have much to contribute based on my experiences with Reaticulate's userbase.

Originally Posted by bywaterandblood View Post
If say 300 people chipped in 10 bucks would that make a difference?
It's not a problem of monetary compensation. Unless it compensates so well that I'm able to quit my day job. But then we're talking wayyyy more than 300 people contributing 10 bucks.
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