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Originally Posted by krahosk View Post
Hopefully, the upcoming MIDI 2.0 specs will handle such articulation feature more easily.

- 16 bits of articulation data in note on/off
- 256 extended resolution registered per-note controllers (32 bits)
- 236 extended resolution assignable per-note controllers (32 bits)
- Per-note management message
- 32 bit poly and channel pressure and pitch bend
- 16 384 registered controllers (32 bits)
- 16 384 assignable controller (32 bits)
- 128 control change message (32 bits)

It's in prototyping phase still.
The new MIDI specification won't help if prior VSTis don't update from the old specification. Still, I imagine a JSFX could be used to map from the new spec to MIDI data in the old spec (i.e. the 16 bit note-on with articulation could be mapped to a keyswitch or the like).

Personally, I hope the devs don't wait that long to start testing the articulation mapper.
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