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Originally Posted by whiteaxxxe View Post
I think that you mystify the 70s a little bit??? the 70s-reality is slightly different than the stories that are told. (not to mention the hairstyles, the clothes, the fragrances, and all the music, that was such a big bullshit except that music that has survived until today. the rest is forgotten, what a luck. look at 70s charts and try to find the songs listed amongst the top20 and listen to them. maybe you see the 70s in a different light then.)

(I am feeling old when I read what I wrote ... < good song title. dont take it, its mine. )
sometimes the past is looked at through rose colored glass. One thing I remember from the 70's is the radio stations going down the toilet in their attempts to pander to their growing, and working, audiences. Top 40 radio of the 60's morphed into album FM of the 70's, and then began to kill itself just slightly before MTV came in to finish the job. After that, everything changed.

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