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Originally Posted by georgethedifferent View Post
What about The Beatles you mentioned -- in Hamburg? How many nights played together just there? And I mean Nights -- not 3 sets @ 45 mins!
in Hamburg that were the Silver Beatles (= quite good rock-n-roll band with almost an all-cover repertoire, have you heard the album from the Star Club? forget it.) and they played 6 sets @ 1 hour.

I was talking about the real Beatles from Revolver (included) on until the Rooftop Concert. they didnt play live. and for the other bands: do you really think a 70s big-shot rock band would have sounded live nearly listenable? do you know what they called a PA in 70s? you would laugh your ass off ... so when the big shots played live they werent able to reproduce the studio work. at least it didnt sound like that.

and they ass-off-playing in small clubs before the record deal didnt benefit there playing in the studio, because of the uncontrollable live-situation. if you listen to Beatles in Star Club and their first recordings you know what I mean. that has nothing to do with one another. every artist coming from live must learn how to record. complete different beast. I did and do both since 1972.

and oh yeah, Mike Oldfield (Tubular Bells) is 70s and comes to mind when 70s are talked.

I think that you mystify the 70s a little bit??? the 70s-reality is slightly different than the stories that are told. (not to mention the hairstyles, the clothes, the fragrances, and all the music, that was such a big bullshit except that music that has survived until today. the rest is forgotten, what a luck. look at 70s charts and try to find the songs listed amongst the top20 and listen to them. maybe you see the 70s in a different light then.)

(I am feeling old when I read what I wrote ... < good song title. dont take it, its mine. )
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