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Originally Posted by Anaon View Post
Bump for a great thread!

What about recording and mixing acoustic guitars in the 70's way, any tips?
Record two tracks, one with a cheap magnetic sound hole PU and the other with a dynamic, SM57/58/whatever and attempt to EQ these to sound like a guitar (failing is part of the idea !), using a Pultec- or similar EQ, not a modern one - that should get you in the ballpark.
If you want to get sophisticated, try a ribbon mic @ 1 ft or whatever, and/or maybe double with another guitar in Nashville tuning (the additional strings from a 12 string set, i.e. regular high E & B, G to low E octave strings), very popular (not only) back then.

All that generalizing aside, there are some very nicely recorded acoustics from that era too, I was referring to the others.
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