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Originally Posted by chip mcdonald View Post
I understand that. You and Kenny are apparently missing my point.

- it is more unwieldy now to get at the theme adjustments when they're not under "preferences"

- to newer users that DON'T know how to find it, it effectively isn't there. Why isn't it under "preferences" since it is indeed a preference?

- my point is that if the theme preferences where still... under the preferences menu, AND it had the functionality of being able to change the brightness and contrast of elements...

..... then maybe there wouldn't be so much gravitas surrounding "it's too dark" "I can't see it" "it's illegible" etc..

That's all.
We missed your point because you said:

Originally Posted by chip mcdonald View Post

I think the only thing I believe is amiss is that the tweakability by the user, that was taken away should be given back
Cleary, it wasn't taken away. It was moved. Not sure why, but I don't consider an "action" to be hidden any more than a "preference".

Not only that, but *I* don't want to have to jump through that hoop, either.
Not sure why you consider it a "hoop". Preferences need to be chosen by first going to the preference window and finding the section you want to work in. An "action" can be in any menu or have a keystroke assigned to it. I would argue that all preferences should have actions assigned to them because it's quicker.

Is it harder to find for new users? Probably. But one could also argue that new users shouldn't be adjusting the theme right away either.
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