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May be stupid, but can you open Performance Monitor in REAPER and system monitor in Windows and check the numbers when things are lagging? So, what exactly is lagging? Note there can be some other REAPER related processes, but not REAPER itself.

A bit surprising for me results on 10 years old "Celeron" (CoreDuo), resizing one track:
* 100 empty tracks:
- not laggy, REAPER - 40% CPU, dwm.exe - 13%, Interrupts - 5%
* 500 empty tracks:
- laggy, REAPER - 40%, dwm.exe - 30%, Interrupts - 5%.

Hm... REAPER is drawing not visible tracks?
(Cakewalk shows no increase for dwm, which stay at 5% with any number of empty tracks and not lagging resizing).

Win10, REAPER 5.979, graphics GTX1050Ti, E7500
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