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Originally Posted by Reason View Post
I want "down" to be series, and then I guess the middle position can only be off, and then "up" to be parallel. With regards to the jumpered terminals, which are "down" in the diagram, how should I orient the switches?
The way that diagram is drawn, the lower set of terminals is the series setting. Usually with that kind of switch, the lever is pushed the opposite way, so here series would have the lever flipped toward the top of the page. You should test your switch with a meter (before soldering anything) to verify which contacts are connected to the middle with which lever orientation. Then leave a little extra wire and just twist the switch til it works the way you want.

Also, how do I run the leads to the controls? Can I run the leads from each switch in parallel to the controls...
Yeah basically. Assuming they’re both around the same place on the guitar, I’d probably run the hot output and ground from one switch right to the next and then from there to the master V/T.

I don’t love the way this thing turns the pickup “off”. It leaves the coils “hanging” - connects to the output circuit by one end. The bottom coil is “hanging from ground” which is generally not considered a big deal, but the one “hanging from hot” is going to act like an antenna - adding somewhere between a little and too much noise. There can actually be a small amount of string output that peaks through too. That part usually won’t be enough to notice when the other pickup is on, but when you turn them both off, you might hear some strings and will definitely hear some buzz. In order to get real silence out of it, you’ll have to turn the V all the way down.
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