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Default At last!

At last, you've created a thread here )

The theme looks good.
I like it when a theme is well-balanced:
informative and compact.
When all the needed tools (e.g. buttons, controls, numbers (values)) are shown,
everything is readable (just enough contrast, neither too high nor too low),
the selected elements draw a bit more attention, but not "crying out loud" bright,
and you get to see many tracks at once
and concentrate on music (or whatever it is you're doing in a DAW) easily
(not being distracted).

When the whole button is lit you can notice it with a corner of your eye.
And when only a dot-spot not even in the center of a button is lit and you have to distinguish the color of the dot (because there's more to it than just lit-unlit) it's a different story. You have to look, maybe readjust your eyes... It's distracting. I'm pro "the whole button lit" style. Except, maybe, for the Transport buttons. Not a dot either, but a pictogram lit-unlit should be enough.

Originally Posted by Never View Post
How about a darker version of the synthetic fader thumb:

Great. It adds to readability (the white horizontal line is what matters if, at some point, there will be a scale beside it).
And if the vertical white (here) line was only below the fader thumb (and maybe seen through the lower part (half) of it up until the horizontal line), it would add to readability, too.
"From afar" a bunch of faders would look like some graphic EQ bands with an accented top. And graphic EQ bands are readable even although they usually don't have an accented top.

Considering the "Master Send Receive" button
If the next colors don't match:
Master and Mute,
Send and Solo,
Receive and Record (Record Arm),
and if the whole buttons Mute, Solo and Record Arm get lit
and only the letters M, S and R for Master, Send and Receive get lit,
then there'll be no need for corresponding dot-spots either.

About this screen shot:

Track number (4) is harder to read, and "Attack... Release..." on track 6 — almost unreadable.

Is it possible to show value on sends not only graphically but in numbers as well?

Shouldn't the pan... circles (which are really bright) be "lit" only up to (or down to) the pointers?

P.S. If you really like that font ("is it an S or a 5?"),
well, I guess I'll have to learn to live with that )
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