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JS: Event Horizon Limiter/Clipper does not calculate/limit to True Peak.

SWS/BR: Analyze Loudness does have an option to calculate the True Peak (measure intersample peaks). It does take longer than just analyzing the LUFS, but you can use this information to adjust your Ceiling setting to get the targeted -0.5 dBFS peak output for your rendered MP3 file.
**Remember that rendering MP3s can result in higher peaks than your original wav/aiff file due to the conversion process.**

In the Analyze Loudness dialog box, if you see -inf under the True Peak column then the True peak was not calculated.
Click Options > Measure True Peak (Slower)

Then click "Analyze Selected Items" to have them re-calculated.

If you analyze your rendered MP3 file and it's True Peak is 0 dBTP then you have clipped the intersample peaks and your render. Those clips may or may not be audible.
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