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Originally Posted by thunderbroom View Post
Like you, I decided to download Orban and test it out. However, even after setup I get the error: "ASIO Buffer size is too large".

In reading through the accompanying documentation, I cannot find anything that tells me the appropriate (media) buffer size. Right now, mine is set to the default (1200 ms). Any idea what it should be for Orban to work?

I added my mix to the session as an additional track, and set it up to be solo, bypassing everything else. Should I not play my mix back in this way? Any ideas you might have would be appreciated (I also had the same "button off" issue earlier as well!).
I just knocked mine down to something like 128 samples from 1024 and that did the trick - I forgot to call that out before so apologies - I still think it's still more efficient to just analyze rendered files because...

LUFS wants the *entire* song for it's calculations so it needs to accurately see it from beginning to end when using with live playback - this is one of several things that separates it from something like TT-DR meter which is only DR/RMS for some predefined sliding window - LUFS cares about the entire song. Now whether we need to care about that for this contest - I don't know, but to be official until told otherwise, I've been calculating for the entire length of the song.

This is why most of these meters (even Toneboosters) have functionality for starting, stopping and resetting the tool when using it 'live'. That means you could potentially spend a lot of time in Reaper, setting the cursor to the beginning, playing, oops, rewind, reset the meter, play to the end, evaluate the result, rinse and repeat.

As you can probably tell the above would burn an awful lot of time (ask me how I know) so in reality it turned out much quicker for me to just use the live meter as sort of a ballkpark "how am I doing spot check" during mixing duties.

nce I was ready to render a test mix, I began just rendering that and dragging it into orban so I could just do the analysis right then and there. It also saves the analysis' you've done in the list if you use varying filenames (mix1, mix2, mix3) which is also handy for comparisons and so on.

There may be a better non-realtime tool, this is just one I remembered from the recent past.
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