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Originally Posted by Toft View Post

I reckon Karbomusic would be able to tell blindfold that he's not playing through a Fender Twin Reverb, but that might have something to do with the fact that it breaks up nicely without deafening him ;-)
Hehe, I really dig my S-Gear but it would probably bug me live. I was using a Boogie Maverick then a Boogie DC5 live (since 1998) but now I use an Oldfield JC50. I also have almost every Pod ever made in my closet (rack, beans and pedalboards) but those and some other stuff I tried didn't work out for me live. Also have GR5, PodFarm and some other stuff.

To be fair, most of the amps I owned *before* I switched to Boogies then Oldfield didn't work for me either and they were tube amps but they didn't work out in a slightly different way. However, I haven't found any SIM that can replace how the the boogie feels, sounds and reacts and especially not the JC50. If it is working for someone else however, I say go for it.
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