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Originally Posted by suleiman View Post
Hi everyone. My name is Suleiman.
And Im a lounger....

That 'place' actually helped me out a coupla times, especially when i was... Errrr... unbalanced. And this thread is more nasty than a lot of stuff in the lounge of late.

And to be sure, i love all of you nope not drunk, just honest.
Like Suleiman, I believe it's a good place, not a bad place.

The password is a good idea though. Threads in the lounge often have provocative titles that might offend a viewer on the Reaper main page who's scanning the list of subforums. IME though, those same threads are rarely offensive in reality.

We musicians have few places where we can talk, unfiltered (or less filtered), to others who have a similar artistic perspective, about whatever is on our minds.

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