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Originally Posted by karbomusic View Post
It's not noticeable until you lock yourself out of the lounge and notice 20 or 30 people suddenly completely disappear
Lol. Noticed that too did ya?

There's another really informative pro music forum whose name I won't mention that had a lounge for all the off topic stuff. It eventually turned into a huge left vs right political battleground. Seriously, lines were drawn and hypocrisy was 'a flying all over the place from all directions.

You could see some of the leftover resentment from people who also did post in the audio boards bublling over on the audio boards, little snide remarks, etc, etc, because they'd spent so much time at odds over their personal beliefs in the lounge.

There were some other people there who apparently only came to push their agendas on abortion or some other really divisive political topic. I don't even think some of them had anything to do with music at all. When the board mods closed the lounge down, they all went away.
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