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Originally Posted by franV View Post
Case and point. I don't even have too look for it.
I can just use this one.
Sounds like a lounge discussion to me so maybe you guys can take it up over there. Lock yourself out for awhile (if you can) and you'll see what I mean. Unfortunately (or fortunately whatever the case may be) there are quite a few here who have really much of nothing to do with Reaper minus the lounge.

It's not noticeable until you lock yourself out of the lounge and notice 20 or 30 people suddenly completely disappear because they never actually contribute anything to the community outside of that place.

It didn't offend me to password the lounge when I was a lounger and it doesn't offend me now but it sure is nice to get home, pull up the new posts and not see the constant train wreck that is the lounge. Courses/Horses/Peace.
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