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Originally Posted by LugNut View Post
To get 14 bit precision you send/receive 2 7 bit messages.
IMOH, This is no problem at all. Just a little bit of overhead that could be avoided in a better tailored protocol. But when using USB this does no harm at all.

But when defining a mapping definition format, it needs to be considered that a single value might be defined by a pair of CC messages.

Originally Posted by LugNut View Post
You don't give midi a fair shake sometimes IMHO. First control surface ever worked like that. Were you born then?:-) the hui.
I don't understand your meaning. Anyway, I am many years older than Midi .Being a software engineer, I do know lots of different data protocols, and there is a lot stuff out there that is much worse than Midi. And since Midi nowadays is done via USB (or LAN, or WiFi, ... ) instead of via plain old 5-pin connections, speed is no problem any more.


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