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Well I'll try, but I'm back off to uni in a couple days so I won't have much time for a while! I use it as is atm, and it's not utterly offensive...........just kind of "huhh?' in a few places

and I've not touched the MIDI editor, and probably won't.....sorry

But when it gets to the point of stash upload, anyone who downloads should feel free to run rampage and modify whatever, so it's all cool.

The other thing is, it's being made on OSX and is turning out quite OSX-ish in many places. I've tried using it in Win7 boot-camped on my laptop, and it looks strange :/ but that may just be because Win7 looks strange on my laptop, I'm not sure. The screen contrast and colour saturation is always kind of whacky.

I'll probably upload a couple versions, one of them having send "meters", because they can actually be useful to glance at occasionally.

Another theme FR would be the addition of a "switch to x_theme" action for every theme that's detected. That way, one would be able to create menu items that changed specific UI elements depending on the situation. The next/previous action only works if you make really specific macros and then never add or remove themes.

hmm, wine brings out the feature requests in me

Originally Posted by run, megalodon View Post
too bad the peak displays don't fit.
yes. that kind of thing really bothers me

Also, if we had the option to adjust the width of the mixer strip area per theme (in the rtconfig.txt file) that would also help!


am I the only one who always reads "misshapen" as "miss" "hapen" internally? My inner monologue doesn't have particularly good reading skills .

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