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Originally Posted by pcartwright View Post
Seriously. I have little ones that like to come in while I'm working on a session and press all the controller keys. Something like this will push them over the edge.
This amuses me.

Originally Posted by benf View Post
It's an interesting concept and easy on the eyes.
Thank you.

Originally Posted by vdubreeze View Post
1) I would never use this in a million years

2) I am thrilled that it exists and I heartily and unironically congratulate you on your aplomb!
When you stare at your daw for hours at a time, its good to at least look at something aesthetically pleasing. Feel free to enjoy whatever theme you like.

Originally Posted by Emerald Dreams View Post
Go for it!
Beta in a few days. Some things won't look quite right, and I lack UI design experience. Only been using Reaper for a little less than a month. It'll be a while before a final.

Originally Posted by dave_t View Post
The Comic Sans font on some of the buttons puts it right over the edge. Good job.
It does, doesn't it? Thank you.
Meaninglessly wanting to clarify that this font is actually SF Cartoonist's Hand. However, they look somewhat similar so the comparison makes sense.
Still may not be final font decision, but the beauty of Reaper is power to the user so its not like anyone is stuck with that font.
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