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Originally Posted by Geoff Waddington View Post
Wow, sometimes things just really do work out !

Zone VST: UAD Fairchild 660 (Universal Audio, Inc.)
Threshold Thresh
Character Output
Drive Meter
Attack Headroom
Release Input
Ratio "Time Const"
Invert+Compressor Bypass
Parallel Wet
Since VST's names must be unique, we won't get any name collisions unless we start naming our .axt Zones crazy VST names

Now that's what I call serendipitous, I know it's not zero .fxt changes but it sure is close
Would you lose any flexibility if the CSI code implicitly assumes the 'Zone' and 'ZoneEnd' when reading an .fxt file? That would mean zero .fxt changes....

Or am I missing something?
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