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Originally Posted by johnrule View Post
I have yet to see a video that shows me the practical use of OSC and tablets other than someone tinkering with one finger or trying to impress me with eye-candy. Personally, I think this is something that studios are using to make their customers think they're really hip. I don't buy it.
OSC is very exciting for me because it will literally take me from being a slave to midi technology to "earning my freedom." Not only is OSC support in REAPER a financial savior for me, I will be able to do things I've been wanting to do ever since the first time I used a synthesizer.

Just understand that for some people, OSC will be essential in the coming years. When I have what I need I'll gladly make a video. It is absolutely not just for geeks and for "oh that's cool." I'll just say this: It's going to take Analog Synthesizers to a whole new level and make my job easier, it will be a time saver in many ways, it will ultimately lead to greater income for me. More money means better quality of life means good marriage means awesome sex... in conclusion...

OSC = awesome sex

Thank you REAPER for this!
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