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The method you describe is less than ideal. It sounds like you're only using a single output for Kontakt with each instance. I guess that works, but it's not very CPU friendly.

I actually don't have Kontakt, so I probably can't be much more help. I encourage you to keep at it though. When I first tried to get my head around this stuff, it didn't make sense to me either. But with enough trial and error, and support from the forum, things eventually clicked. I suspect they will for you, to.

Best of luck.

Originally Posted by musicmashane View Post
Kevin thanks much my friend. Yes I had seen that video, but I went back and tried it again, and seemed to have more success. It still for some reason doesn't work for me when I follow the video. (I don't know if I have messed up settings somewhere or what) However, I was able to improvise a bit and basically what I did was just click on each Reaper track's FX button, and added the 8 channel Kontakt for each of Reaper's tracks.

I guess you could say if I was running 4 tracks, each with their own corresponding instrument, there would be 4 Kontakt tracks/instruments and 4 instances of Kontakt running. But if it works then it works. I guess I was just wanting to make sure that I was doing it right.

Either way, thanks so much for your help and response. Now I'm gonna try DarkStar's directions above, I'm sure I'll find many things I was missing.

Also, I am out of town right now and all my stuff is at home. I'll go ahead and just google, but I'm hoping I can find a pdf manual for Kontakt. I'm sure they have one.

Thanks again all. DarkStar, thanks again for all the information you've put forth for all of us. I'm gonna be trying your post above soon as I get back from taking care of a few things today.

Thanks all
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