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From the "My Soundcard Just Doesn't Work - What Do I Do?" section in the ReaperFAQ:

"Once you have it working you can start to install other s/w you need. Test at each stage. Be prepared to go through the whole thing again if something stops your soundcard working."

Don't tell me you guys don't "Ghost" or anything??

With 98SE (98Lite actually) I would keep Ghost images at each step, starting at the point where it was just the base install, then each card, then apps. At full compression (in old Ghost v6) they would only be about 50-100 megs or so each, and just a few minutes to make. Usually only do a couple with 2K/XP, but the main images are still usually within CDR size.

Take Care --> and hang on to that 98 support--->PLEASE! It's perfect for cheap remote multi-tracking rigs.

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