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Originally Posted by Totoro75 View Post
Guitar into Crate Powerblock, line out to Digi002 rack, firewire into Reaper, FX Chain: Guitar Rig, Liteon/nonlinear (to add saturation), the Reaper HP/LP filter. The results were the best I've gotten so far, but not as good as the polished sounding stuff from other folks on the forum.
I have a Powerblock, and it's awesome. The amp itself sounds pretty boring, but it's just an incredibly useful piece of gear to have for the number of things it can be used for.

However, may I ask what purpose it's serving in your chain there? It looks like you're using it as a DI box, but your signal is still going to be running through the amp section, which isn't something the "typical" DI setup would do. Obviously if it sounds good, keep doing it, and if it sounds really good like that I might have to copy you.
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