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Originally Posted by jbone1313 View Post
But I'm honestly curious about how you feel about that
I have considered it, but this just feels plainly wrong when doing non quantized stuff. For instance all the notes have different positions. How do I find the "correct" one for the whole lot? I could just as well end up with something completely different than what I was playing, something which would defeat the whole point of doing non quantized recording. Using the compensated metronome I at least have a stable reference between projects and parts.

To sum it up, I wouldnt like to do that at all. I just want to record my stuff and go on. Seems like I'm out of luck no matter how you look at it though.

I just sat in my sofa thinking about this, and then I thought: "If you end up upside down, would you want the world to turn upside down, or would you turn yourself around?" I dont know if this makes any sense, but I dont see much sense in a system where you have to expect notes being played ahead to fit the rest. You would expect the rest to compensate, so that the bars could be used efficiently as a map of where you are in the world (or the musical project in this case) and a place to put your notes in correct position. This is only valid if this is in fact happening here though. I just dont know anymore, and I'm kind of tired wallowing through this with no real knowledge about what is what.
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