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Originally Posted by SoundGuyDave View Post
Going to bump this rather than start a fresh thread...

I have a panning issue. This is on a mature file, with PLENTY of previously perfect panning. Scenario involves two mono guitar tracks, one panned hard left, the other hard right. I inserted a mono instance of Waves' Stomp2 on each track, and had immediate panning issues with the "left" track. I deleted the new VST on both tracks, and still have panning issues with the "left" track. It's not hardware, it's not cabling, this is all within the DAW. Routing is simple: guitar tracks feed a folder parent (along with two more guitar tracks), which in turn feeds the main mix buss. There is some sort of a phase weirdness happening here. The panning shows "strange" at the folder meters, as well as the master. All tracks are using the default pan mode and gain law. Changing pan mode has no effect. If I change mode to "dual pan" and go 100$ left on both, I still wind up with a nearly mono signal at the folder parent.

For diagnostics, I dropped a pink generator on the suspect track, and here is what I observed: Panned hard L, the meters read -17.8dB/-16.6dB. Panned C the meters read -12.2/-27.6dB. Panned hard right, the meters read -17.8/-15.0. I can't upload the .RPP as it exceeds the forum's max filesize. Routing for the "weird" track is identical to the rest of the folder's child tracks, with Parent send enabled.

Closing and restarting Reaper does NOT fix the problem. Bypassing the inserted VSTs does NOT fix the problem.

So, to sum up: Mono recorded guitar track, no VSTs enabled, default pan mode and gain law, does not feed the parent track properly. Three other "child" tracks feeding the same parent DO work properly, though.

Delete all tracks not relevant to the problem and upload rpp.This thread should probably be moved.
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