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this isn't really in sequence with recent posts in this thread, but what the hell, it seems like a good place to discuss it. what are people's thoughts on compressing the entire drum kit, as opposed to just the individual instruments like the snare?

I feel like using compression is one thing (not the only thing) that I haven't really grasped properly. i use it to 'fix' certain tracks, but i've found that automation is far more effective and generally sounds better if you put the time in. but as for using it musically, or as an overt effect, I am still somewhat confused. I have tended to stick to ReaComp and try to go for very gentle levels of compression (as per various recommendations in this thread) but then I think 'why I am i bothering with this, if i cannot hear the effect?'

i ask about compressing the entire kit, because this is where I've found it much easier to discern the effect of the various parameters, especially the attack. so I wondered: is this a common application of a compressor? what are the advantages/disadvantages of using it like this? I use drum VSTis and key in the parts with a MIDI keyboard, so there is at least some variation in volume in the performance for the compressor to work with.
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