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Originally Posted by mschuster View Post
Very nice! Recording, playing - all perfect. You nailed it.

You say 'we' in the initial post.. Your band? Real drums? Just curious. Whenever it appears someone has recorded real drums and they sound this good - I have to ask.

Sam - I got curious too and looked him up on Wikipedia.

Does appear he's been producing new material - but must not be resonating with people. Sad, he had one of the best voices in the biz back in the day. He never seemed to fit the typical pop/rock star mold, yet was wildly successful. It was refreshing, yet an outlier. Just another testament to his incredible voice and songwriting.

Anyway - great job!
Thanks so much. The song is me and 3 other buds doing everything. The drums are superior drummer with manual fills added with midi keyboard drumming/editing and some nice saturation on the snare for snap and some medium room plate reverb. We think the drums sound real and are very happy with them. Thanks again.
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