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Originally Posted by toleolu View Post
Do you mean that you used the VLC convert/save function rather than rendering the 48k file in Reaper?

My suggestion was to load the audio file from your commercial system into Reaper, then render it in what ever format you use for your pod cast, then remove the commercial file from Reaper, load the file you just rendered into Reaper and see if that plays smoothly.

I seem to recall you said that once you render the file in Reaper for your pod cast, the file plays fine. If I misunderstood that, then I apologize.
Ah, yes. I HAVE strayed from your suggestion somewhat. I assumed the goal was to simply re-encode the files from however my commercial system encoded things to something that is likely to be more acceptable to Reaper (if there was an issue with the original encoding). Hence VLC.

I'm a bit too far along in the editing of Ep9 to back up, but in a week's time when I'm doing Ep10, I'll start by rendering all my files in Reaper - as you suggested.

And yes - once I finish each Episode, I render it as an MP3 file and THAT MP3 file plays perfectly.
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