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Default How to debug plugin problems in Reaper?

Hey all,
I'm having some serious problems with Reaper on OSX. Using it in a live situation with a MOTU Ultralite AVB connected to a Macbook Pro (2014) running OSX Sierra and Reaper 5.974.

It often happens that Reaper will suddenly "lose contact" with the MOTU interface in a very strange way... sometimes audio will be visible on the mixer meters, the Ultralite will still be selected and active as the project device, yet no audio will be coming into the interface itself.

I have around ten tracks with the following plugins:
2 instances of Ron Papen Predator (VSTi)
NI Massive Synth (VSTi)
a number of ReaEQ inserts, ReaPitch with numerous banks, ReaComp
a number of NI reverb inserts (RC 48/RC 24/Replika)
a number of waveshaping distortion inserts (JS: Multiwaveshaper)
a master limiter (JS: Soft Limiter)

Is there a way to check logs or some other record of activity in Reaper when this happens to see if there was a plugin at fault?

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